WhatsApp is down and messages won’t send – here’s what we know



It seems WhatsApp is working for some people now, with someone on the team saying they can now send messages. However, it’s not working for other people on the team. 

Hopefully this means the WhatsApp team are applying a fix as we speak.

There’s around two billion WhatsApp users around the world who use the app on a monthly basis.

As of right now, it appears none of them can send WhatsApp messages.

A screenshot showing WhatsApp messages not sending on mobile

(Image credit: WhatsApp)

The above image shows the current state of the mobile WhatsApp app, with messages just sitting there waiting to be sent.

If you’ve noticed the same, then don’t worry – it’s not you, there’s something wrong with WhatsApp.

I do worry that when this issue is resolved, there are going to be a HUGE amount of messages suddenly sent around the world. That could cause additional strain on WhatsApp’s servers.

Error message in WhatsApp

(Image credit: Meta / Future)

Here’s the error message I’m getting when trying to make a video call. Definitely seems to be a server issue on WhatsApp’s side.

Video calls via WhatsApp are also down. I’ve just tried it, and after a few seconds, the call ends, and a message says that the video call failed and that I should check my internet connection. Thanks WhatsApp.

Here’s what we’re seeing when using the web version of WhatsApp in a browser. As you can see, we can’t connect to WhatsApp’s servers, and messages aren’t sending.

A screenshot showing WhatsApp messages not sending

(Image credit: WhatsApp)

The Meta logo on a smartphone in front of the Facebook logo a little bit blurred in the background

(Image credit: Shutterstock / rafapress)

We have now got a comment from WhatsApp’s parent company Meta, which said (as per Reuters): “We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble sending messages and we’re working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as quickly as possible.”

At least the memes are enjoyable.

I’ve had a check of the official WhatsApp Twitter account (opens in new tab), but so far it has not posted anything regarding the problem, but WhatsApp is trending in the United Kingdom, so this is clearly a widespread issue.

Screenshot of down detector

(Image credit: Down Detector)

According to the Downdetector website (opens in new tab), there’s been a spike in people reporting issues with WhatsApp since around 9am BST (4am ET, 1am PT) on Tuesday October 25.

The most common issue is sending messages, which is the problem I’ve been experiencing, as well as other members of the TechRadar team.

Welcome to our WhatsApp is down live blog. After seeing numerous reports about WhatsApp being down, I’ve tried sending a message myself, and sure enough, it won’t send – instead I’m getting a clock icon next to the message, which suggests the WhatsApp servers are failing.

Very frustrating.

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