Realme Number series reaches 40 million sales



The Realme 1 arrived in the middle of 2018, and while it feels like a long time ago, it hasn’t even been four years. Since that launch, Realme has brought over two dozen phones as part of its core “Number” series, and has just confirmed it has reached 40 million sales.

According to a study by Strategy analytics this lineup is Realme’s second most successful after the affordable C series, the two being pivotal for the brand’s spike in popularity and quick rise to 100 million shipments overall.

Realme Number series reaches 40 million sales

The Number series was fourth in consolidated shipments of all “new-age smartphone families” since 2018. It is behind the Oppo Reno, vivo iQOO and Realme C lineups, but remains ahead of the Samsung M phones, and Xiaomi Poco devices.

Realme Number series reaches 40 million sales

Strategy Analytics also said the upcoming Realme 9 phones are expected “to further this momentum with a focus on 5G, camera features, stand out display and value-based pricing”. The brand is expected to expand even further in Western Europe – a market where 5G is now the norm.

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