Here is why Faysal Quraishi points apology word for Nauman Ijaz!



Pakistani actor and host Faysal Quraishi is apologizing after fellow actor Nauman Ijaz quietly chastised him for being too busy to seem on his discuss program.

Faysal Quraishi has apologized after colleague Nauman Ijaz gently chided him for being too busy to take part in his discuss present.

Faysal went on to say that if Nauman had approached him immediately in regards to the undertaking, he would by no means have mentioned no. Having said that, Faysal expressed his love and admiration for the actor and pledged to make amends for the inconvenience.

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Faysal’s comment comes after Nauman Ijaz claimed on Instagram, “he’s too busy, doesn’t have time for us..we requested him many instances,” in response to a fan’s request to ask the Dil-e-Momin actor to the subsequent present.

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