Give the gift of ever-flowing water with the Petlibro Capsule for your favorite furry friend

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We all know our cats can have a tendency to be a bit picky. They’ve got refined tastes, and they don’t want to drink water that’s been sitting out too long. The Petlibro Capsule can help keep them enticed with fresh and clean water that’s constantly moving, so your cat knows it’s safe to drink.

The Petlibro Capsule is a high-capacity water fountain that’s a great addition to a cat’s domain. The wide bowl makes it easy for your cat to get at the water inside, and the 2.1-liter capacity will help ensure there’s a good quantity of water available for a couple cats even if you’re frequently out of the house for longer work days. Since the water tank is translucent, it’s also simple to see when the fountain needs refilling. 

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